1957 / 80m - USA
Forty Guns poster


September 02, 2021


A western. It's a genre I used to avoid, and even though I've seen more of them these past couple of years, the appeal of the genre still escapes me. Forty Guns certainly isn't the worst I've seen, mostly due to the decent pacing and short runtime, but other than the fact that it wasn't a very long and/or slow film, there wasn't much here for me.

Jessica is a rancher in Arizona. She controls the area with the help of 40 hired gunmen. Griff, a marshal, is sent out to clean up the place, but when he meets Jessica he falls madly in love. Relatives of Griff and Jessica are all too eager to get the conflict started, but the two are more interested in exploring the feelings they have for each other.

The black and white cinematography is relatively polished and Fuller doesn't needlessly stretch out the story. The characters didn't do much for me though, the story was very basic, and the typical western action wasn't very appealing. One of those films I'll have forgotten about tomorrow, but not the worst western I've sat through.