1985 / 100m - Japan
Four Sisters poster


May 18, 2021


A sweet, little film that made me think of Koreeda's lighter dramas more than once, except that Ôbayashi's style is a lot more outgoing. Four Sisters may not be very slice-of-life or going for overt realism, the atmosphere is very cozy and though the drama can get a little heavy-handed, the film itself never drowns in sentiment.

Four sisters are on the verge of adulthood. They have a pretty nice life, but some pubescent love troubles uncover a pretty big secret. It turns out three of the four sisters were adopted at a young age. While this news hits home, it's just one of the elements that pushes their lives in different directions.

Performances are solid, the cinematography is pleasant (with some truly standout shots here and there) and the score is appropriate. Not everything works equally well (the romances feel a bit obligatory) and it's nothing you haven't seen before, but if you're looking for a fine Japanese drama with minor Ôbayashi touches, this one won't disappoint.