China [2020] - 98m
Fantasy, Romance
Directed by
Pan Ting
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Fox in Fuso poster


March 15, 2021


A fine mix of fantasy, folklore and romance. It's not an uncommon setup in Chinese/Hong Kong cinema, just think of Hark Tsui's Green Snake. Fox in Fuso is the contemporary Chinese take on the genre. A core genre flick that doesn't have too much budget to spare, but delivers on the rapidly booming experience of Chinese genre directors.

No snakes this time around (though the film does reference them), but foxes. Another popular mythological creature in Chinese folklore. The plot revolves around three sisters (black, white and red fox) looking for the Golden Lotus in the human realm, after losing it while fighting over a man.

Lush sets and costumes are the main appeal of Fox in Fuso. While the film focuses on fantasy and romance, there's also a little action and comedy to make it a more rounded film. Some mediocre CG and unstable performances keep it from being truly great, but these films are definitely started to come through as prime filler options.