Ling Hu
1990 / 80m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Action
Fox Legend poster


May 23, 2023


Fox lore is crazy popular in Chinese cinema right now, so it's no surprise older films that fit the criteria are seeing some newfound attention. Wu Ma made this little shelf filler more than 30 years ago, and while it's not as good as some of its more notorious peers, it's well worth checking out for people who love a dose of 90s martial arts/fantasy.

A young boy rescues a young fox from its cage. The fox was caught by the Hunt King, who tracks down mythical creatures and keeps them separated from humans. The fox is grateful, but she loses track of the boy, it's only years later that they will meet up again. The fox's mother isn't too happy when she finds out one of her cubs has developed a fondness for a human.

The forbidden love between humans and demons is a common theme in these fantastical films, it's also the perfect excuse to mix, fantasy, action, and romance, so who am I to complain? The execution is solid, not up there with the best, but still way better than could be expected from mere filler like this. A pretty cool find, certainly if you've already seen all the big films in the genre.