2018 / 89m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
FP2: Beats of Rage poster


July 07, 2020


Mad Max meets Dance Dance Revolution. If that sounds like an extremely unlikely combination, it's because this isn't the most professional of films. It truly feels a lot like a fanboy project. In all fairness though, these are some very dedicated fans, as the people behind this project already made a first film back in 2011.

The problem is that post-apocalyptic sci-fi isn't the easiest genre to do on a budget. It's no surprise then that it's all played for laughs, but the film isn't really funny enough to make that work. A lot of time and effort was spent on creating a futuristic world, but it never felt genuine or anything more than a Sunday afternoon project.

The dance scenes are incredibly lame, the actors are bland and the plot isn't very interesting. 80s references galore, but we've seen that done before too. What remains is genuine effort and enthusiasm. And in some ways it works too, but it's simply not enough to turn this into an enjoyable film.