2016 / 88m - USA
Romance, Mystery
Frank & Lola poster


August 30, 2020


A very pleasant discovery. I'd never heard of this film before, but Shannon and Poots have been building up impressive oeuvres and the combination of mystery and romance isn't exactly very common nowadays. So I figured it would be a worth a shot, turns out that was the right call.

Shannon (Frank) plays a skilled but reclusive chef, Poots (Lola) plays a young and careless woman who knocks him off his boots. While they look like the perfect couple, things turn sour when Lola cheats on Frank and drags him into a web of lies and deceit. The more Frank tries to figure out what's going on, the deeper he falls.

Performances are strong, but it's Matthew Ross' direction that gives the film the necessary polish. The cinematography is stylish, together with the soundtrack it creates a mysterious, sultry atmosphere that forms the basis of the film's success. And while the third act feels like it could slip into cheap thriller territory, Ross keeps the film on the rails and delivers a perfect finale. Very nice.