2018 / 105m - USA
Fantasy, Mystery
Freaks poster


October 20, 2020


Freaks offers a remarkable mix of genres. Not a film you can neatly assign a single niche, instead it borrows from different genres to create something unique. There are bits of fantasy, mystery, horror, action, sci-fi and thriller in here, while still feeling like a very coherent and singular story.

The plot revolves a young girl who has to stay locked up inside her house. Her dad takes care of her and prepares her for the moment she is allowed to go outside. Whether the father is suffering from paranoia is unclear, but it's obvious that something weird is going on outside their home.

Performances are pretty solid, the effects are decent and the way information is released gradually really helps to keep the tension alive. The ending is a little too ambitious, then again it's always good to see ambition in genre film making. A very interesting project, though it's maybe not the easiest film to recommend. Definitely worth a gamble though.