Freaks – Du Bist Eine von Uns
2020 / 92m - Germany
Fantasy, Thriller
Freaks: You're One of Us poster


September 15, 2020


A low-key, German variation on The X-Men. It's a pretty simple selling point and maybe the film doesn't do quite enough to offer anything beyond that, but the premise works wonders and it makes for a welcome alternative to all the big budget Marvel and DC franchise films.

Wendy's family is struggling to make ends meet. They're about to lose their house, Wendy's job gives her no hope of promotion and her husband isn't really going to extra mile to save their family either. Things are looking dire, until she meets a strange homeless guy who tells her to stop taking her pills.

From there on out the film follows a pretty straight-forward superhero origin story setup. It's pretty nice to see the film lacks the annoying bombast of most modern superhero films, but the presentation could've been slicker and the story is a bit too safe. The potential is there, it's a shame Blinder couldn't work around the usual pitfalls of the genre.