2020 / 102m - USA
Freaky poster


December 07, 2020


Landon's latest Blumhouse project. That means teeny horror with a small twist and some light comedy to keep things breezy and fun. Landon's films aren't masterpiece material, but they're perfect cinema/date night movies that are easy watches, while making a real effort to be as entertaining as possible.

The Butcher is an urban legend who turns very real one weekend. He invades a small town, steals a dagger and starts killing people. When he meets Millie, a somewhat reclusive girl, he stabs her with the dagger, and they swap bodies. When The Butcher can survive in his new body for 24 hours, the swap becomes definitive.

Performances are solid, with a stand-out part for Vince Vaughn. The comedy is decent, the horror references are fun and the kills are quite brutal, though the film remains light on actual gore. The core twist is fun enough, the pacing is solid and the film doesn't outstay its welcome. Another solid Landon, no doubt we'll see a sequel next year.