2020 / 99m - South Africa
Horror, Comedy
Fried Barry poster


March 28, 2022


South-Africa gets a little crazy. Fried Barry is one of those films that checks all the boxes for me, but for various reasons never quite manages to fully nail it. I really wanted to like this more, love this even, and yet I found myself unable to. That isn't to say I disliked the film. There's plenty to like here, it just never comes together like it should.

Barry is a selfish addict who leaves his family to spend some time with his druggy friends. After scoring a hit, he is abducted by aliens and is given an alien passenger who hitches a ride inside his body. He spends the next couple of days roaming the city, getting into all sorts of trouble.

Gary Green is tremendous as Barry, the cinematography is flashy, and the sound design is superb. The soundtrack is cool too, much cooler than most other films I know, but because it approaches the music I usually listen to it actually falls flat. If Kruger had taken it up a notch or two, this would've been an instant personal favorite, but whenever things are about to get really freaky he dials back the intensity. In the end, the film's a little too meandering and not quite bonkers enough to be a masterpiece. But Kruger deserves another chance. Or two. Because the potential and talent are clearly present.