2020 / 95m - USA
Friendsgiving poster


November 26, 2020


A party, a cast of intensely annoying characters, quirks that are supposed to be funny, tons of woke and at the end we're suddenly supposed to care for everyone. It's not impossible to pull off, but you'd need way smarter writing or way better actors to come even close to making this a success.

Molly is spending Thanksgiving alone with Abby. They are both recovering from a broken relationship and don't feel the need to celebrate. But then all kinds of people start inviting themselves over and before they know it they're having a real party on their hands. Realizing they won't be able to send everyone home, they decide to just go along with it.

Performances are mediocre, the comedy feels stale and expected and the comradery that is supposed to give the drama some weight is completely absent. At least the mood is light and the pacing is decent, it's not a complete disaster to sit through, but a very funny and/or enjoyable comedy this is not.