Dung Hau Tung Kin Wah Fat Lok
2001 / 102m - Hong Kong
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February 13, 2022


One of Yau's lesser known films, no doubt because it's one of his more political works. Yau has always dabbled in different niches. Most will know him for his schlocky horror work, others will remember his blockbusters, but in his most notable films (not his best mind) he tackles socials issues head on. A rarity in Hong Kong cinema.

Young offenders are sent to prison and are locked up under a special order. There is no immediate sentence, and sometimes they are just held indefinitely, with no prospect of ever coming out. A young lawyer makes it her life's work to fight for these kids, hoping she can change these barbaric laws.

You can feel Yau really cares about the topic, it's equally clear that the Hong Kong film industry wasn't very willing to spend a lot of money on a film like this. The performances are mediocre, and the cinematography is cheap, luckily Yau knows how to deal with that and still delivers a decent film.