1936 / 92m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Fury poster


October 30, 2021


After seeing Lang's Dr. Mabuse earlier this week, his American film-noir work does start to make a bit more sense to me. There's still somewhat of a disconnect, as they are films with very different vibes, but at least I understand now that his fascination with crime cinema has always been there.

Joe Wilson is a regular guy, trying to make an honest buck as he tries to fund his wedding with Katherine, the girl of his dreams. His life is suddenly disrupted when he is jailed on suspicion of kidnapping. Wilson is innocent, but the people of the town are certain he's the culprit and an angry mob lights a fire to the jail where he is locked up.

Lang's Fury is a pretty moralistic tale that's a bit too unsubtle and heavy-handed to make a real impression. The performances are mediocre, the plot not too convincing and the styling pretty average. The pacing is decent though and the finale is slightly better than the rest of it, but I think I prefer Lang's German films.