Chao Ji Xue Xiao Ba Wang
1993 / 95m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Sci-fi
Future Cops poster


February 07, 2009


It's no secret that Jing Wong loves a good parody, with Future Cops he takes on the world of video games. Prepare for some nonsensical references to Super Mario Bros, Dragon Ball and Street Fighter II. It may not make too much sense, but if you love a zany comedy this is one of the better ones in Wong's oeuvre.

In the year 2043, Bison is trying to take over the world. Before he can execute his evil plan, Judge sentences him to jail. Bison's henchmen travel back in time to try and kill Judge, but he too sends a couple of agents to defend his past self. They all end up together in 1993, where they'll fight a tough battle to get to Judge first.

This isn't an official Street Fighter film, but Wong doesn't seem to mind. The plot makes absolutely no sense and the introduction is a bit too long, but once the Mario Bros scene makes its entrance it's just a never ending onslaught of bizarre and unforgettable moments. If you love a good laugh and don't mind the nonsensical plot, this film is a cult classic.