2021 / 96m - South Africa
Horror, Fantasy
Gaia poster


July 13, 2021


South-African eco horror with strong fantasy impulses. It may not be the most original or creative horror flick ever made, but it's one of those films that puts its director on the map. Bouwer takes a solid premise, executes it flawlessly, and sprinkles it with a personal signature that makes Gaia stand out from its peers.

Deep inside the South-African jungle, two park rangers are checking the cameras they planted. After their drone crashes, they split up and one of them lands her foot in the trap of two local hunters. She makes it to their cabin, unaware of the strange dangers that lurk underneath the jungle.

The practical effects and (creature) designs look great, the exaggerated sound effects and moody soundtrack are a big asset, and the performances are on point. It's a shame the film focuses just a little too much on human friction and doesn't dare to go in overdrive during the finale, but it's a superbly dark trip that makes the most of its fantastical premise.