Hada no Sukima
2005 / 77m - Japan
A Gap in the Skin poster


June 11, 2011


This was a pretty bitter drama. Two mentally unstable characters try to flee the country after one of them stabbed his own mother. They don't quite succeed, but while they're together an unlikely romance blossoms. An interesting enough setup, but don't expect any relief or silver lining, Zeze piles drama on top of drama.

It makes for a pretty inaccessible film. The motivations of the characters can be very tough to decipher, which makes it hard for people who need to fully empathize with them to enjoy the film. Luckily A Gap in the Skin isn't too long, so the negativity remains bearable, but it's certainly a challenge and you best be in the right mood for this one.

Visually there are some remarkable scenes, though Zeze relies a bit too much on green filters. The soundtrack isn't too memorable, but decent enough, while the performances are strong yet somewhat of an acquired taste. Not Zeze's easiest film, but if you like your drama to cut to the bone, it's a pretty solid choice.