1944 / 114m - USA
Crime, Mystery
Gaslight poster


March 04, 2022


I'm certainly hitting a lot of Cukor films lately. This one reminded me a little of Hitchcock's work, though it was slightly more atmospheric. It's a mix of mystery and classic noir, but these films are simply too stuffy for me to thoroughly enjoy. Certainly when the film is almost 2 hours long.

When Paula's aunt dies, she leaves London, as nothing is keeping her there. A few years later, she meets Anthony, a man who immediately falls for Paula's charms. They move back to London, into Paula's aunt's house. Strange things start happening there and Paula feels like she's going mad.

The mystery isn't all that exciting and the performances are pretty wooden. The cinematography is slightly above average though and Cukor plays around a bit with Paula's mania, but it's not exactly riveting material. These films work notably better when they remain below the 80-minutes mark.