1997 / 92m - USA
Adventure, Comedy
George of the Jungle poster


May 26, 2021


It doesn't get much worse than this, or at least I hope so. And yes, I realize this film is squarely aimed at kids, but I feel for the little ones who have to sit through this travesty of a film. It's basically a parody of what adults think kids are supposed to like, and even then it's not very fun.

George is just Tarzan really. He goes missing after an airplane crashes in the jungle and he's raised by a big ape. When Ursula takes a Safari she bumps into George, who rescues her from certain death. Ursula takes George back to the city, where he has trouble adapting to the way of man.

The performances are painful, the comedy is beyond childish and the special effects look dated. What annoyed me the most though was the unrelenting energy level of the film. As if being continuously loud and obnoxious would take people's mind off of how bad everything else is. This was not good.