1971 / 112m - UK
Crime, Thriller
Get Carter poster


November 26, 2021


70s crime thriller. The era of drab colors and semi-gritty/realistic cinema, if that's your thing Get Carter's got you covered. It's certainly not my shtick, but Michael Caine's performance did make it a bit easier to sit through. That and a pretty decent ending. It's a shame the rest of the film couldn't have been more like that.

Caine plays a London gangster, who travels to Newcastle for his brother's funeral. Once there, he starts to suspect that his brother might have been murdered, and so he throws himself into the local crime scene. Newcastle is a pretty grim and dangerous place, but Caine is no sweetheart either.

Caine is pretty badass, it's just that I don't really care for that bland 70s vibe. Everything looks so gray, desolate and drab, the characters aren't all that interesting and the plot isn't really a winner either. The last ten minutes are more stylized and show a different side, but not quite enough to save this film.