2019 / 87m - UK
Comedy, Thriller
Get Duked! poster


September 02, 2020


Bonkers hip-hop comedy set in the Scottish Highlands. Ninian Doff is young director with a background in music videos, it's not all that surprising then that he tries to make inroads into the film business though the comedy/horror genre, a very welcome genre for ambitious youngster with something to prove.

The film reminded me of a UK version of New Kids, with a bunch of degenerate teens setting off on a hiking trip. The comedy is daft and dry, often quite random and drawing from a myriad of influences. Doff isn't afraid to mix in other genres, with some horror, thriller and action elements adding to the fun, not the mention a veritable music video halfway through.

At its best this was a small masterpiece, but there are a few too many moments where the comedy felt a bit forced with little else to fall back on. These moments never last long and there's enough craziness to get you swiftly through the film, so with a bit of extra polish I have no doubt Doff's could be a certified masterpiece. Great fun.