2022 / 86m - China
Fantasy, Action
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December 20, 2022


China's never-ending stream of tomb-raiding films continues. This oddly titled entry may stand out because of its name, but that's just about it really. It's a very standard, generic entry in the genre that does deliver what you'd expect from it but fails to go the extra mile. Pretty decent streamer filler, in other words, the kind that China has in abundance.

An expedition deep inside a secret tomb goes horribly wrong. Many of them die, and those who remain behind grow up with a few strong grudges. Years later a new expedition is set up, but in order to make a chance, they need one of the descendants of the original crew, as he possesses special powers. When they finally locate him, he isn't immediately willing to follow in his family's footsteps.

No, the CG is still a bit crummy. While some directors have found a good balance, others still struggle and overplay their hands. Other than that, the story offers little more than an excuse for some tomb-raiding fun. It's all I really ask from a short genre exercise like this and this film didn't disappoint. As long as you keep your expectations in check, of course.