Also known as
Yi Shen Yi Gui
China [2005] - 100m
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February 24, 2022


Domestic abuse turned into a classic Asian horror film. It's not surprising to see Yau add a socially relevant undertone to his film, but when all is said and done this is pretty standard Asian horror fare, long-haired ghosts and dramatic bits included. Fifteen years later, it's really hard for a film like this to stand out.

Lin flees from her abusive husband, together with her daughter. She finds a pretty spacious apartment for a low price and is certain luck is finally on her side. Soon after, she finds her daughter talking to herself and Lin begins to suspect her flat is haunted. When a woman appears before her at night, she'll have to fight to keep her daughter alive.

The cinematography and score are moody and there are some pretty effective scares. But it's nothing you haven't seen before and there are many films who've executed the exact same material a lot better. It's decent filler for people who can't get enough of these films, but it's hardly a stand-out.

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