Mo Deng Xian Lu Qi Yuan
1985 / 89m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Girl with the Diamond Slipper poster


October 16, 2020


Early Jing Wong comedy that isn't so much a film, as a demo reel/exercise in genre directing. The Hong Kong movie industry always put more value on work ethic and experience than creativity, and that meant you had were supposed to get better though practice. And practice is what Jing Wong did here.

The story is a pretty simple Cinderella rip-off. Maggie Cheung plays a young actress who loses her shoe at a dance. There's an added twist, as the shoe hides a diamond and her suitor isn't really interested in Cheung, but safe to say you won't be watching this film for its intriguing plot.

There's comedy, there's romance, there's gambling, some martial arts and even some slight thriller elements. Wong wants to have it all in one single film. That makes it quite messy, on the other hand it also means there's hardly time to get bored. Mediocre performances and plain cinematography keep the film from being truly fun, but the comedy is daft and the pacing is pleasant. For Wong fans only though.