2019 / 111m - Japan
A Girl Missing poster


June 22, 2021


Fukada's latest is a somewhat expected drama. He's been bombarded as a Koreeda alternative this past decade, but it seems Fukada settled a little too much in this role. A Girl Missing isn't a bad film and touches upon some interesting topics, but overall it's too plain and pedestrian to make a real impact.

Ichiko is a nurse who is living a comfortable life. She takes care of an older woman and fits in very well with the family. But then one of the family members is kidnapped and Ichiko suddenly finds herself in a delicate situation. Beyond her control, the life she has built for herself is falling apart, and all she can do it witness her own downfall.

Performances are decent and the concept of someone's life crumbling before her eyes, outside her control, is intriguing enough, but the cinematography is basic, the soundtrack is forgettable and the pacing is a little too slow. It's a very basic, average Japanese drama. Not bad, but nothing special.