2019 / 93m - USA
Girl on the Third Floor poster


October 15, 2021


When people buy a house in a horror film, you can bet your life it's going to be haunted. Girl on the Third Floor has a pretty plain premise, but with a house that oozes slime and spits out marbles there are some novel touches. It's a shame director Stevens never quite manages to tie everything together.

Don and Liz bought a new house, moving from the city to the suburbs. Liz is pregnant, so Don goes ahead to prepare the house for Liz' arrival. Once he starts cleaning up the place, strange things begin to happen. The house seems to harbor a dark presence, but Don is unaware of the danger he's in.

There are some fun ideas here, but the execution isn't on point. The performances are quite poor (Brooks in particular is hard to stomach), the horror elements aren't very effective and films drags, even though the runtime is relatively short. This could've been a pretty solid horror flick, but it needed a better crew.