2014 / 101m - USA
Romance, Thriller
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night poster


April 26, 2021


An incredibly messy feature. I have to give it to Amirpour, she certainly created something unique. It's as if she feared she'd never make a film again and put every genre she ever wanted to work in, in a single film. There's really no baseline here, except that everything is shot in stark black and white.

The story revolves around a vampire girl and a young boy who is forced to deal with his father's drug addiction. They both roam the streets of the fictitious Bad City, where they inevitably bump into each other. A strange romance ensues, which only becomes more complicated as the film progresses.

From crime to western, from horror to comedy, from romance to drama, the film rolls from one genre into the next. The cinematography is pretty nice, the camera work and editing aren't on the same level though and the soundtrack is a big letdown for a film like this. Performances are good and it's certainly quite different from anything I've ever seen, but in the end it left me rather cold. An interesting failure.