USA [2001] - 106m
Mystery, Thriller
Directed by
Daniel Sackheim
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November 22, 2020


A pretty simple mystery, seemingly constructed to put Leelee Sobieski in the spotlight. She was a rather bankable actress back then, the kind that would draw enough fans to the theater so studios wouldn't have to worry too much about the film they put her in. Don't get your hopes up in other words.

Ruby is a pretty average teenager whose life is turned upside down when her parents die in a car crash. Together with her younger brother she's sent to live with Terry and Erin, best friend of her parents. They seem like a wealthy and friendly couple, but Ruby quickly begins to suspect something weird is going on with their legal guardians.

Sobieski isn't bad, but forgettable, and she fades away next to SkarsgÄrd. The plot is way too transparent and the thriller elements are very basic, but the pacing is decent and even though it's all rather predictable, it's still a pretty entertaining watch. Very run-of-the-mill filler, but not terrible.