2022 / 140m - USA
Crime, Comedy
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery poster


December 30, 2022


Rian Johnson just isn't a very good director. This film replicates the structure of the first Knives Out film, only in a more contemporary setting. It suffers the exact same problems as the first one. What you get is 60 minutes of plot and 90 minutes of dry explanation, which drains out all the entertainment value.

Blanc is invited to a wealthy tech giant's little murder mystery weekend. He is quick to decipher the plot, but then a real murder happens on the premises, and Blanc is stumped. All the invitees have a reason to kill their host, it's up to Blanc to figure out who is behind this elaborate setup.

Craig's character is still painful to watch (that accent is terrible), and the rest of the cast isn't all that great either. The plot is pretty dull (or rather, I just don't care for these types of whodunit films), the direction is bland and the finale is just a snoozefest. The setup of the film was somewhat decent, it all goes downhill after that.