Dou San
1989 / 126m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Drama
God of Gamblers poster


March 04, 2008


God of Gamblers isn't the first film in which Jing Wong would indulge his obsession with gambling, but it is probably the most essential one. The film would become a landmark in the Hong Kong movie industry and Wong himself would continue to milk it dry for years to come.

Ko Chun is a visionary gambler who is virtually unbeatable, but when one day he hits his head he completely forgets who he is. Chun ends up with Dagger, a street hustler, who decides to take care of him. When Dagger finds out that he's helping one of the biggest gambling talents, he tries to make the most of it.

With Yun-Fat Chow and Andy Lau in the lead you can rest assured the performances are on point. There are some neat gambling tricks, the mix of genres is geared for maximum entertainment and the pacing is solid, even though the runtime is a little excessive for this type of film. Good fun.