Dou Hap
1991 / 99m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
God of Gamblers II poster


June 12, 2010


After Jing Wong made a hit with the first God of Gamblers film, it was no surprise to see him start milking the franchise, even combining it with other franchises. While that sounds pretty negative, the nice thing about Wong is that he's actually pretty decent at it. With Stephen Chow, Andy Lau and Man-Tat Ng filling in for Yun-Fat Chow, this film certainly doesn't lack star power.

The film is actually a sequel to All For the Winner, with Andy Lau reprising the role of Michael Chan. He's traveling the world in search of the killer of his wife. Chow Sing Cho is chasing Chan in order to become his disciple, but they have to put their differences aside when someone else is trying to sully the God of Gambler title.

It's a typical Jing Wong gambling comedy, with some weird gambling lore, Stephen Chow's signature comedy and mad pacing to make sure it never slows down too much. It may not make a lot of sense and when you're familiar with Wong's oeuvre there are no real surprises here, but these films sure are entertaining.