Do San 3: Chi Siu Nin Do San
1997 / 110m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Drama
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage poster


October 16, 2010


With the Hong Kong industry struggling, Jing Wong reached back to a franchise that was known to draw the crowds. God of Gamblers is a typical Hong Kong oddity, with spin-offs and sequels shooting out in all directions. It's a fun series though, and part 3 fits in nicely with the others.

Ko Chun is eager to establish himself in the gambling circuit. He gets the help of Kent and his gambling buddies, but it doesn't take long before they screw him over. Sister Seven, a big fan of Chun, takes him under her wings and trains him in the art of gambling, so he can earn back what's rightfully his.

A star-studded cast, some solid action scenes, a couple of fun card tricks and a good laugh here and there. The film's a bit long though and the second part feels too repetitive, Jing Wong loses steam and can't even get the finale fully on the rails. But overall it's entertaining enough.