2016 / 127m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure
Gods of Egypt poster


September 23, 2020


Beyond kitsch. The film's saving grace is that it doesn't take itself too serious. Gods of Egypt is an expensive Hollywood fantasy/adventure set in Ancient Egypt. The kind of film where every scene needs to be bigger and more explosive than the previous one and CG appears to be the answer to everything.

And truth be told, there are quite a few scenes where it works. The CG isn't flawless, but the monsters and sets are impressive enough and the strict pacing makes sure you rarely have enough time to get irritated by technical defects. The downside is that it gets a little too cheesy at times.

Designs are also a little uninspired. The actors try to make do, but it's clear they're struggling to keep up the illusion, dressed up in silly costumes and acting against green screens. Oh well, as long as you don't expect serious film making, it's a film that passes the time quite nicely. Far from great, but not as bad as I feared.