Jin Nigu
1977 / 93m - Taiwan
Horror, Thriller
Golden Nun poster


October 05, 2020


I'd hoped to see another one of those crazy martial arts/horror/comedy/fantasy genre mix-ups that were made in the late 70s/early 80s, sadly this turned out to be a very cheap Taiwanese horror flick. All the elements were there for a fun film, but the execution was too poor to get much enjoyment out of it.

The story revolves around a bald female monk fighting off ghosts (and turning gold once in a while). I admit that sounds pleasantly bonkers, but in the end this is really just a plain old ghost story with way too much padding and only a handful of scenes that deliver the goods.

The films begins promising, with some hopping ghosts and a couple of other ghostly appearances, but the middle part is just dreadful. The cinematography is dull, performances are bad and there are even some musical scenes to sift through. The ending picks up again, but it's just too little to be any good.