1964 / 110m - UK
Action, Adventure
Goldfinger poster


September 20, 2020


After seeing From Russia with Love, a more serious Bond rendition, I was a bit afraid that the franchise wasn't going to revisit the goofier tone of its first part anymore. Luckily I was wrong. Goldfinger harks back to James Bond's silly roots and even adds some nonsense of its own.

Goldfinger brings back the underground bases, the lasers and the goofy gadgets. Then there's the larger than life characters like Goldfinger and Pussy Galore, who leave very little to the imagination. Sure enough this is a suave spy flick, but please don't take it too seriously.

The effects are pretty crud though and the action isn't very dynamic. In a way it adds to the charm, on the other hand it takes away some of the fun. Performances are decent though and the tone is pleasantly light. Goldfinger is decent and amusing enough to keep exploring the Bond franchise, but great cinema this is not.