Der Golem, Wie Er in die Welt Kam
1920 / 76m - Germany
Fantasy, Horror
The Golem poster


September 14, 2023


The Golem isn't quite as popular nowadays, but in the early days of cinema, it was a treasured horror creature. This version is one of the most infamous ones. Being part of the German expressionist niche definitely helped give it that extra push, but unless you're a big fan of silent films, it's not a must-see.

In 16th-century Prague, a Rabbi creates a fearsome golem to protect the Jews from a malicious emperor, who tries to persecute them. The creature doesn't disappoint, but an unexpected romance creates a lot of difficulties. The golem escapes and threatens to demolish the entire neighborhood.

I do like German expressionist films, they are quite visually oriented, they tend to have quite a few fantastical elements and they're rather fast-paced tales. The plot is pretty bare bones though, and the effects are basic, but it's still a lot more fun than many other films of that era. Not too shabby.