Yôsei Gorasu
1962 / 88m - Japan
Gorath poster


April 12, 2021


A lesser known Honda film. Gorath isn't the name of a giant monster, but of a star that is on a collision course with Earth. Don't worry though, it's a vintage Honda film that has everything you'd expect to see in his films. Yes, even a giant monster (no matter how random his appearance may be).

When scientists on Earth discover Gorath is racing towards Earth, they send a mission to investigate the mysterious planet. None of their attempts to stop the planet are successful, mankind's final desperate plan is to attach a ton of rockets to the South Pole, hoping to push Earth out of its trajectory.

The first half hour is a bit sluggish, but once Honda is allowed to go crazy with his trademark miniatures sets and vehicles, Gorath becomes a lot more interesting. Add to that a giant sea lion and some good old destruction fun (poor Tokyo) and what you have is a pretty cheesy yet entertaining film.