Also known as
Thomas Graals Bästa Film
Sweden [1917] - 59m
Directed by
Mauritz Stiller
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December 28, 2020


I can hardly claim to be an expert, but the early silent cinema from Sweden hasn't really impressed me yet. Thomas Graal's Best Film is a mix of romcom and drama, but made in the old slapstick comedy style of yonder. It's not a combination that works very well, so I wasn't too disappointed to find about 30 minutes of this film are considered lost.

The titular Graal is a popular screenwriter who is very taken with this secretary Bessie. When he tries to steal a kiss, Bessie isn't too happy with his advances, but Graal isn't willing to give up just yet. He writes a screenplay inspired by her, as a way to win her for him. But dear Bessie has some secrets of her own.

It's a simple romance set in the Swedish film industry of the 1910s. There's quite a lot of reading involved, the acting is poor for a drama and the film really isn't very comical. It just kind of drones on, and without interesting characters, remarkable cinematography or a decent plot, there's just not much to get excited about.

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