2012 / 94m - Ireland
Horror, Comedy
Grabbers poster


September 05, 2020


A simple but jolly and amusing Irish horror comedy. Grabbers is a film with few pretensions, a film that sticks closely to formulas that are known to work. It's a smart entry-level film for a young director, someone who wants to be judged on execution rather than wits and originality.

Some Irish fishermen pick up a creepy sea creature and bring it up to land. It attacks one of the men, but he's able to pry himself loose and knock it unconscious. He takes the thing to a marine ecologist, who is stumped when he examines the creature. Before he gets to contact the proper authorities though, a storm messes up his plans and a much bigger specimen holds the island hostage.

The effects are decent but not spectacular, the cast is pretty hilarious and the remote Irish island provides a beautiful setting for a bit of horror and comedy fun. The pacing is solid, the runtime quite short and Grabbers is over before you know it. Not the most remarkable film, but perfect filler.