2019 / 97m - USA
Grand Isle poster


October 21, 2021


A basic, somewhat amusing little thriller. It's certainly not a standout in its genre and it's obvious the director relied on Cage and Cage alone to sell his film. Cage isn't at his best, he doesn't have a whole lot to work with either, but if you love yourself some simple thriller filler then there are worse choices you could make.

Buddy is a handyman who takes on a small job for Walter and his wife. Walter's a bit of an oddball and Buddy is certain his wife Fancy is trying to hit on him, but he needs the money as he has a newborn to feed. When a hurricane moves in and prevents Buddy from finishing his job on time, he has no choice but to stay the night.

Grand Isle is typical genre fare. The plot is predictable, the direction is mostly functional and everything is neatly wrapped up within a span of 100 minutes max. If you came here for some vintage Cage rage you're well out luck too, but at least the film has the basics down. Pretty decent genre filler in other words.