Also known as
Shin Jingi no Hakaba
Japan [2002] - 131m
Action, Crime, Thriller
Directed by
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May 03, 2007


I'm not a big Fukasaku fan, so it's no surprise I liked Miike's version a lot better. It's a film that seems to fit nicely into Miike's Yakuza oeuvre, but halfway through it takes a bit of a turn and it becomes a more personal and emotionally charged descent into hell. Somewhat of a first for Miike.

The first half of the film sports a pretty typical Yakuza setup. There's a lot of people to introduce and quite some connections to lay bare. Once that's out of the way though (the dentist appointment is the big turning point), it's Goro Kishitani's moment to shine, as he starts his merciless crusade.

It's a twist not everyone is going to appreciate, not in the least because Kishitani's character is absolutely intolerable. It's almost impossible to root for him, but it just makes his journey that more impressive. The first half's familiar territory, the second half a certifiable kick in the gut. A fine Miike.

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