2022 / 38m - USA
Graveyard Rats poster


October 28, 2022


A fun and juicy horror flick by Natali. The film isn't all that scary or gruesome, but there's plenty of familiar, atmospheric horror fodder around to stuff the short runtime to the point of bursting. It may not make a whole lot of sense, but there's enough glee and joy baked in that I didn't really care.

A gravedigger is having a hard time when the increasingly hostile rats get to the corpses faster than he can. When a fat cat dies he deems himself rich, but when he digs up the corpse he sees it being taken away by a pack of rats. He follows them down their tunnels, but graver dangers await down there.

The cinematography is moody, the effects are top notch and there's quite a bit of variation in the horror. I also appreciated the touch of dark comedy present. There's a bit too much packed in the short runtime, I'm not sure why Natali felt he had to keep it so short, but I had a really good time with this one.