Det Stora Äventyret
1953 / 77m - Sweden
The Great Adventure poster


March 26, 2021


Scripted film about a bunch of forest animals living together with a family on a farm. What looks like a documentary at first quickly turns into a small-scale narrative adventure that's ideal to watch with little kids. If they can stomach the somewhat arthouse-like cinematography and pacing that is.

There's no real plot, instead the film focuses on several animals and how they interact/live together with a family in the woods. Foxes steal hens and are chased by the farmers, a lynx invades the forest and an otter is caught to serve as a pet for family's two boys. And yes, that are actual highlights.

The black and white cinematography is pretty atmospheric and the animal stories are cute enough. The humans are less interesting though and 95 minutes is a bit long for a film where nothing substantially happens. I feel I might've enjoyed this better when I was still a kid, now there's just not enough here to keep me hooked.