USA [1926] - 53m
Directed by
Lewis Seiler
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The Great K & A Train Robbery poster


July 09, 2021


One of the oldest western films I've seen. It's not my genre, nor am I a big fan of silent cinema, but I was pleasantly surprised by the pacing of this film. I'd expected a more tepid and/or labored film, instead this was a lightning fast action film that managed to wrap everything up within the hour.

Cullen is trying to protect his railroad from robbers, so he hires Tom. Knowing fully well that there's a mole in his organization who tips of the gangs, he asks Tom to go undercover as a highwayman. Tom can't quite manage on his own, so he decides to hire DeLuxe Harry in order to stop the robberies.

The Great K & A Train Robbery isn't a particularly great film and it did very little to change my idea about westerns and silents, but at least it wasn't boring. There was lots going on, all the fat had been cut away and there was no unnecessary padding just to inflate the runtime. Not great, but better than expected.