2022 / 126m - USA
The Greatest Beer Run Ever poster


October 01, 2022


Remember when the Farrelly brothers still made comedies? Nowadays, it seems the comedy genre is all but dead, so Peter Farrelly transformed himself to direct mushy Hollywood feel-good drama with a message. Enter The Greatest Beer Run Ever, a pointless anecdote that takes us back to the Vietnam war.

Chickie is wasting away his time while many of his palls are fighting the war in Vietnam. When he comes up with a plan to support them by taking them some local beers, nobody believed he'd go through with the plan. That just made Chickie more determined, and when he finds a boat that will ship him off to Vietnam, he jumps at the opportunity.

Efron is pretty decent, but that's about it. The plot is dull, the runtime too long and the critical take on the Vietnam war is so by the numbers that you wonder why they even bothered. The film left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, but at least that's somewhat appropriate for a film about American beer.