1980 / 91m - UK
Drama, Romance
Gregory's Girl poster


August 02, 2021


The most remarkable thing about this film is that it grew out to be a classic. Gregory's Girl is bland and basic in just about every way. The director seemed to be aware of this and figured he still had a shot when he made his film as inoffensive as possible. I guess it worked, though don't ask me how.

Gregory is a rather dorky kid who falls in love with the Dorothy. She's a bold girl who joins the male football team and doesn't really care what others think of her. She's not really into Gregory, but even though he isn't good with girls, he's quite persistent and after a while Dorothy starts to fall for his charms.

Performances are dim, the film looks like it was made for TV, the score sounds like it was salvaged from a public domain database. It's as cinematic as an episode of Wheel of Fortune, but the characters are somewhat charming and the coming of age elements do come together rather well. Not the worst thing ever, but hardly worth recommending.