2021 / 90m - USA
The Guilty poster


November 13, 2021


A straight-up remake of the Danish original, with some extra (but unnecessary) Hollywood touches here and there. It's actually quite interesting to watch them close together, as it becomes easier to pinpoint what exactly constitutes an "American remake". Not too surprisingly, the result is worse than the original.

Joe is a demoted officer on call duty. In between more pedestrian 911 calls, he receives a message of a woman who is being kidnapped by her husband. Joe tries his best to save the woman, but when the HCP stop the wrong van it seems the two are lost. Joe goes above and beyond to solve the case from his station.

Most of the plot and the dialogue are copied from the original. There is a bit more padding (to clear up certain plot points) and some slight changes that take some edge off. Gyllenhaal isn't at his best and the film does leave the call station for a single scene, which was pretty unnecessary. Not terrible, but make sure you watch the original first.