1993 / 107m - USA
Guilty as Sin poster


September 13, 2021


Sidney Lumet is a pretty big name in cinema, apparently that hasn't kept him from directing some truly mediocre thrillers. Guilty as Sin feels like a bland, dispirited straight-to-video release in every single way possible. It's the kind of shelf filler that would disgrace video stores in the 90s, genre fare that was meant to be consumed and forgotten.

Jennifer is a young, female lawyer looking to build a career. When she takes on David's case it looks like an ideal opportunity to rise in the ranks, but soon enough Jennifer finds herself battling an unruly client. David is a scumbag who keeps taunting Jennifer, but she has no choice but to defend him in court.

Poor performances, bland cinematography, a non-score and a very basic plot make this an extremely forgettable film. No doubt De Mornay and Johnson were big enough to draw some unsuspecting souls to watch the film, just as Lumet's name may have convinced a confused shopper, but this is little more than a bland 90s thriller.