2021 / 114m - USA
Gunpowder Milkshake poster


July 17, 2022


Navot Papushado tries very hard to turn this into a stylish, cartooney, over-the-top action film. He has the cartooney part down, but the action is somewhat disappointing, and the film isn't quite as stylish as it pretends to be. It's an amusing action flick, but not up there with the best in the genre.

The day Sam finds out her mother is really a killer for hire, she disappears from Sam's life. Sam is left in the care of The Firm, her mother's employer, who do their best to make Sam follow in her mother's footsteps. Sam turns out to be a natural, but then she discovers The Firm has been lying to her.

Nothing wrong with a women-led action flick, as long as the action doesn't suffer. And Gillan is simply a poor cast for the part (though the rest isn't that much better). The color cinematography and fun camerawork help to set the film apart, the bland soundtrack, mediocre action and somewhat predictable plot twists keep it from becoming a genre classic.