Also known as
Tengoku kara Kita Otoko-tachi
Japan [2000] - 114m
Crime, Drama
Directed by
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September 18, 2008


Another more modest Miike film. Fans of the man's work will recognize this as a typical Miike drama (strong foreign influences, solid performances, a slightly unpredictable plot). Just don't expect to find any of Miike's zany and excessive elements here, you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

During his vacation in the Philippines, Kohei is unfairly charged with drug possession. His girlfriend ditches him immediately and Kohei ends up in prison. His situation appears to be hopeless, until he meets Katsuaki. He promises to help Kohei escape, if Kohei in return teaches him about being a good businessman.

The setting is refreshing, the Philippine prison system is pretty baffling from a Western perspective. Miike builds up the story and characters pretty well and makes sure the film never becomes too complacent. A strong finale, with an impressive Endo, is the icing on the cake. Solid Miike that shows he can do so much more than his trademark weirdness.

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