Kyôshoku sôkô Guyver: Kikaku Gaihin
1986 / 55m - Japan
Horror, Sci-fi - Animation
Guyver: Out of Control poster


January 02, 2023


Another classic horror/sci-fi anime OAV. The Guyver was pretty big at the time, and it's not difficult to see why. It reads like a checkbox list of signature anime elements that were popular back then. In that sense, it's certainly not the most remarkable film, but it is good fun if you like a dash of sci-fi and horror on top of a thin layer of high school drama.

Sho is a pretty regular kid, who gets himself into a lot of trouble walking home from school one night. He bumps into the wrong people, and before he knows it, his girlfriend is kidnapped, while he has become The Guyver, the wearer of a biomechanical suit that has latched itself onto him. Sho will have to learn to control his new abilities if he ever wants to see his girlfriend again.

The animation is a bit basic, but the art style is quite over the top and the level of brutality is appropriate for this type of film. It's the latter that is often missing from contemporary entertainment, and it's one of the bigger perks of digging up these older anime films. Nothing spectacular in other words, but good fun nonetheless.